There are endless numbers of people helping make this happen, but here are some of the reasonably important folks:

Ben Nathan - Organizer

Once just a nobody, now he's a nobody who's organizing (his second) SFLX!
"Punch and Pie for All!"

David Ljung Madison
- Co-organizer, Website, Registration,
Dave was involved with SFLX'98, SFLX'01, SFSO'02, SFLX'03, and he organized the SFLX Reunion and SFLX'08.
On top of that, he has four (true!) claims to fame:
1) He's been going to Lindy Exchanges longer than anyone.
2) He's been to more Lindy Exchanges than anyone.
3) He's hosted more Lindy Hoppers than anyone.
4) He wears really big pants.

Kyle Barbour - Staff Co-ordinator

Kyle is forgetting how to sleep. He also has a hat (not shown).

Hep Jen - DJ Coordinator, Daytime Org
Hep Jen has been swingin' up a storm in San Francisco for the last 5 years: teaching, DJing, and social dancing all over town. Jen is excited to welcome everyone back for SFLX 2009!

Kent Soule - Advisor, Bands

Kent is an old-school SF dancer who still travels. That alone should win him a prize.

Susan Bertuleit - Housing Co-ordinator

Susan is a housing goddess. We love her. Without her we could not survive.

Shannon Woods - Housing Co-ordinator

Shannon is a Go-To-Goddess. Go to her to ask her to dance, or go to her to ask her to do a last minute stuff like taking over SFLX housing.

Alexis Braren - Registration Packets

A fantastic member of our fantastic committee

Karen Bell - Finances/Organization

Karen Bell is very organized. Thank god we have her.

Breanne Simmons - Venues/Sound

Rachel Allyn-Crane - Publicity

Rachel hand-crafts button pins and web postings just for you!

Mallory Grigg - Graphics Genius
After working on Sweet Molasses Blues, Austin Blues Party, Blues Boot Camp and Gypsy House Party, she's excited to add a little lindy to her repertoire.

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