September 16-19th, 2010

Live Music

Thursday Night

(only included with "Complete Pass")

Kim Nalley

With an international reputation as one of world's best jazz & blues vocalists, she is known for her ability to turn a chattering cocktail-sipping crowd into a rapt audience of lifelong fans in minutes. No trip to San Francisco is complete without seeing Kim Nalley perform.

Kim Nalley, in looks and presence, exudes the aura of a diva from a by-gone era. Vocally, she has pipes to burn packing a 3 1/2 octave range that can go from operatic to gritty blues on a dime, projection that can whisper a ballad yet is capable of filling a room with no microphone, and the ability to scat blistering solos without ever losing the crowd's interest or the intense swing. She has been compared to all the greats, but in the end, it's Kim Nalley and no one else - an unforced instrument with clarity and jazzy musicality, effortlessly delivered, and a sense of humor to boot.


Friday Night

Steve Lucky

Born in Seattle and raised near Detroit, Steve Lucky started playing piano at age eight and was playing and singing professionally by the time he was thirteen. He founded and led the six-piece Blue Front Persuaders through the ‘80s, playing swing, jump-blues, and ‘40s and ‘50s R & B, while living in Ann Arbor and attending the University of Michigan. Their novel sound and wild show was a big draw on the Midwest college circuit, earning them a spot on Star Search and a notable review for one of Lucky's original songs in Billboard magazine.

In 1987 Lucky moved to New York City to play keyboards for Grammy award-winning guitarist and vocalist Johnny Clyde Copeland. During the next five years he was active in the Greenwich Village music scene, was hired to score performance art and theater, and performed with a diverse group of musicians including Joan Osborne, Blues Traveler, and the Spin Doctors.

Sticking to his musical roots, Lucky formed his own band in New York City working the nightclubs and touring throughout Europe. In 1993 he moved to San Francisco and started the Rhumba Bums as a quintet, but admits the band really took shape in ‘94 with the addition of Miss Carmen Getit on vocals and guitar.


Saturday Night

Fil's little BIG band
Hale Baskin

Saxophonist Fil Lorenz has been swinging Bay Area audiences since 1998. His star-studded "little BIG band" bridges the gap between the classic big bands of the 1930's and the smaller, lighter groovin' bands of the 1950's.

Downbeat award-winning vocalist Hale Baskin brings her own brand of sultry style to the stage by channeling the goddesses of swing - Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Anita O'Day. As Forrest Bryant of the Jazz Observer put it, "her rich, sassy alto voice fits this band like a glove - uninhibited, brassy, and ready to rumble".

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Saturday Late

Big Bones

Big Bones no stranger to the blues world. Bones is one of the San Francisco bay area's premiere harmonica playing Blues men. He's a player of uncommon sensitivity and style. His funky gruff rap-blues vocal style is compelling whether he's covering standards or his own compositions which features more urban ghetto-influenced lyrics. Bones recently returned to San Francisco from Germany where hes been living & touring throughout Europe extensively for several years. While honoring traditional blues, he shows his versatility by being a part of the new vanguard style. This is the blues. It's not an imitation, not a reheated cover cd. So don't be confused about the content, It still features love gone wrong, love gone right, trials and tribulations, anticipations and resolution.

Sunday Night

Johnny Bones and the Palace of Jazz

Johnny Bones cut his teeth on the Bay Area jazz scene back in 1992. As a sideman he has played with Dizzy Gillespie, Percy Heath, Eddie Palmieri, and Nell Carter, among others. The band has entertained audiences up and down the coast with its special blend of wah-wah trumpets, soaring clarinets, thumping bass lines, and novelty drums and percussion.