September 16-19th, 2010

DJ Schedule

Friday evening (Sutter Room):

8pm-12am:  BAND:  STEVE LUCKY, DJ breaks:  Rayned Wiles

Big Room: (Lindy)
12-1:15am:  Allen Kerr
1:15-2:30am:  Hep Jen
2:30-3:45am:  Jeremy Lewis
3:45-5am:  Alex Fernandez

Small Room: (Groove Lindy until 1am, then Blues)
12-1am:  Kristin Buxton
1:00-2:15am:  Emily Smith
2:15-3:45am:  Roy Rydbeck
3:45-5:00am:  Kristin Buxton

Saturday daytime (Justin Herman Plaza):

2-3pm:  Hep Jen
3-4pm:  Kristin Buxton

Saturday evening (Sutter Room):

8pm-12am:  BAND:  FIL LORENZ ORCHESTRA, DJ breaks:  Jesse Miner

Big Room (Lindy):
12-1:30am:  Alex Fernandez
1:30-3am:  Rayned Wiles
3-4am:  Kristin Buxton
4-5am:  Allen Kerr

Small Room (Groove Lindy until 1am, then Blues):
12-1am:  Roy Rydbeck
1:00-1:45am:  BAND:  BIG BONES
1:45-2:15am:  Roy Rydbeck
2:15-3:00am:  BAND:  BIG BONES
3:00-5:00am:  Emily Smith

Sunday daytime (Lindy in the Park):

11am-3pm:  Ken Watanabe and Naomi Walenta

Sunday evening (ODC):

Main 2 Rooms:
8pm-12am:  BAND:  JOHNNY BONES, DJ breaks:  Roy Rydbeck

Small Room:
8-10pm:  Hep Jen (classic Lindy)
10-11pm:  Emily Smith (Blues)
11pm-12am:  TBA

Sunday after-hours (Hines Solarium):

12:30-2:30am:  Jeremy Lewis
2:30-4am:  Rayned Wiles
4-6am:  Kristin Buxton