There are endless numbers of people helping make this happen, but here are some of the reasonably important folks: (More coming soon!)

David Ljung Madison
- Organizer, Website, Registration

http://GetDave.com/, http://LindyBooty.com/
Dave was involved with SFLX'98, SFLX'01, SFSO'02, SFLX'03, and he organized the SFLX Reunion, SFLX'08, SFLX'09 and SFLX'10.
On top of that, he has four (true!) claims to fame:
1) He's been going to Lindy Exchanges longer than anyone.
2) He's been to more Lindy Exchanges than anyone.
3) He's hosted more Lindy Hoppers than anyone.
4) He likes chocolate

Ben Nathan - Co-organizer

Once just a nobody, now he's a nobody who's helping organize (his fourth) SFLX!
"Punch and Pie for All!"

Milan Prince - Staff Manager

Originally a Blues dancer, Milan is getting dipped and mixed into a big world of dancing, excited to help make everything go as smooth as butter.

Chelsea Lessard - Super-helper

Chelsea helped out before surprisingly disappearing.

Shannon Woods - Housing Co-ordinator

Shannon is a Go-To-Goddess. Go to her to ask her to dance, or go to her to ask her to do a last minute stuff like taking over SFLX housing.

Dexter Santos - Graphics Genius

Our fantastic graphics are courtesy of Dexter Santos.