SFLX Music Policy

We will have a diverse selection of music at SFLX 2012.

In the past few years, SFLX has had Lindy and Blues at the late night; however, because of the San Francisco Blues Exchange that happened earlier this year, SFLX 2012 will not have a separate Blues room. The music will, as has been historically the case with most Lindy Exchanges, become slower and groovier as the night goes on with some Blues influence.

We have contacted organizers in the community and hope to bring you an event that is a good representation of the mix of music we hear in San Francisco.


(Many of the chosen examples are intentionally those that many would consider "overplayed" because it's likely most dancers have heard of them).
Lindy: Classic
Generally pre-WWII music, often characterized by an even backbeat. Offers a consistent driving rhythm, and can include a variety of tempos. Examples: "Boogie Woogie I May Be Wrong" by Count Basie, and other recordings from Count Basie's Decca years, "Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop" and "Flying Home" by Lionel Hampton, "Lindy Hopper's Delight" by Chick Webb, "Christopher Columbus" by Benny Goodman, "Oh! Lady Be Good" by Artie Shaw, "Drop Me Off In Harlem" by Duke Ellington.

Lindy: Groove
The style of music that made the SF Lindy scene famous. It is generally from the post-WWII era, and is characterized by both up and medium tempos that often include syncopations and significant tempo and rhythm changes within a single song (in contrast to classic swing, which is characterized by an even, metronomic backbeat). Examples: "Rockhouse" by Ray Charles, "Lavender Coffin" by Lionel Hampton, "Golden Earrings" by Ray Bryant, "The Vibrator" by "Brother" Jack McDuff, "For Dancers Only" by Junior Mance, "Smack Dab In The Middle" by Gene Harris & Jack McDuff, "Going To Chicago" by Ernestine Anderson, and "Hard Times" by Ray Charles and Houston Person

These are musical guidelines, with the music choices ultimately being left up to the DJs. This schedule exists to give an idea of what can be expected musically at the exchange hour by hour. There will be a specific DJ schedule at a later point.