329 people have registered so far!

Accepted forms of payment:
   PayPal, Credit Cards (processed via PayPal), Check.


I need to edit my registration

If you've already registered, you can use the URL you received at the end of registration. If you don't have that URL then we can mail it to you:

Tell me about housing

Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We have a housing deadline of September 4th. It looks like we should be able to house everyone as long as they register by the deadline!

What is the pricing schedule?

We've managed to drop our prices this year!
First 50 Registrations $70
Next 50 Registrations $75
Next 100 Registrations $85
Main Registration (till 8/22) $95
Late Registration (till 9/4) $100
Door Price (until sold out) $105
Day Passes Price seen when registering

I can't attend Friday because of Yom Kippur

Contact us after registering before you pay at:
YomKippur -at- SFLindyExchange.com or here

Volunteering/staff positions at SFLX

We will have some work positions available that will reimburse people for the cost of registration. If you are interested in a working position, we ask that you register now, and, if possible, pay for the event in advance, then contact us to be put on the worker list. If you are absolutely unable to pay for the event in advance, please contact us about making other arrangements. Staff positions will generally be given to pre-paid staff first.

How do I register for two people?

Each registration is unique according to a combination of it's email and name. You can register two people with the same email, and then use the payment button to pay for them and everything will be properly linked up.

How do I register one person for two days?

Each registration is unique according to a combination of it's email and name. If you want to buy two passes for yourself (such as two day passes or an extra shirt), then you can just register twice and alter your name the second time you register (by adding a "2" after the name, for example).

What about single night passes?

There's not much information about single night passes, and usually if they are offered at all it is late in the registration process (go to registration to see the current list of passes!).

To help understand why there is not much information or availability of single passes - exchanges such as SFLX are meant to be entire weekend events - they are built around weekend passes, and not single dances/single evenings. We offer these passes as a convenience for people who simply cannot attend the entire weekend, but the event is never meant as a "pick and choose" but really more of a smorgasbord dance weekend.

This is why the prices on single events are not clear - sometimes we don't even know if our capacity will allow people to show up at the door en masse and expect entrance.

So - if you must come for only one day, or for only one dance, then you are welcome to show up - but we cannot guarantee space at our venues for you!

I want to pay by check!

See the contact page to get the mailing address.

I need to cancel/transfer my registration

Can't come to SFLX'13 but already registered? We're sorry to hear that!

If you haven't paid yet, please let us know so we can remove your registration and not have to bug you about not paying.

If you have paid, you have two options:

  • Save the registration for next year (email us and let us know!)
  • Sell the registration to someone else:
    1. Find someone to buy it
    2. Have them register for the same type of pass as you but without paying
    3. Send us a note telling us what email they registered with

I'm already registered, but need to pay by paypal

Just send the appropriate amount for the current date to the email address that you would get if you added this domain after "payments13@".

If your paypal email address is different then your registration email, then please do us a favor and put the registered email address in the comments in the format:

Reg:  some.email@mywebsite.com