We have some incredible venues and bands lined up for an amazing weekend!

Thursday, September 12th
Included with "Complete Pass":
9:20pm - 12:15am Fil Lorenz's
Little BIG Band

9:20 Special
Friday, September 13th
8:30pm - 12am The Careless Lovers
The Russian Center
12:30am - 5am (late night) ABADA-Capoera Studio
Saturday, September 14th
2pm - 5pm Lindy Nerf Games! Downtown SF
(starting @ The Fort)
8:30pm - 12am Gordon Webster
The Russian Center
12:30am - 5am (late night) Danzhaus
Sunday, September 15th
11am - 3pm Dancing outside!
There will be pie!
Lindy In The Park
8:30pm - 12am The Gordon Webster
Sunday Deluxe

The Verdi Club
12:30am - 6am (late night) Danzhaus