BMLX  Burning Man Lindy Exchange
Black Rock City, NV   8/27-9/1/2003







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Burning Man?

Swing Dancing?

Okay, so we're not really having an exchange. But it seems that many swing dancers are also into the Burning Man culture, as there have been swing events popping up on the Playa the last few years.

We're hoping to collect info on any swing events on the playa.

There are five swing/lindy/blues events happening at Burning Man that we're aware of, at three different camps. Please check our Calendar for the time, day, and location of each dance.

Note: This is not a camp or a normal exchange. We are merely collecting information about swing events at BM. We do not have a floor, though some of the camps will (such as Recharge). If you want a home base for BMLX, stop by Recharge! We don't have more info than what's on this page, so please send some in!

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