SFLX  Japan-US Lindy Exchange
June 27th - June 30th, 2002






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This week, please join Chad and Melanie in welcoming some very special guests from Tokyo and Osaka for the first-ever Japan/US Lindy Exchange! This Exchange was inspired by Yoko Noge's visit to San Francisco in her capacity as a coordinator of the Triangle Sister Cities Project: a cultural, goodwill, and educational project linking Osaka, Chicago, and San Francisco. Yoko's vision is to unite disparate worlds through a common appreciation and creation of music and artistry.

The Japan/US Exchange seeks to return to the original concept of a lindy exchange, in which dancers from two different communities get to know each other by trading visits. Lindy Hop's popularity is growing rapidly in Japan, and we hope to foster strong connections between Bay Area dancers and dancers from Japan.

The Exchange is starting modestly, with five wonderful dancers arriving on Thursday, June 27th. We have planned a weekend for them to remember, packed with dancing and non-dancing events, all of which are open to all of you to participate in. Please come and help us make the world a smaller place through dance! And, who knows? You may find yourself swinging out in the Land of the Rising Sun in 2003!

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