Chi/SF Weekend
December 4-6, 1998: Chicago windy hoppers invade San Francisco



The Beginning

On December 4-6, 1998, a group of 19 dancers from Chicago invaded San Francisco for a weekend of revelry, dancing and fun.

San Francisco got wind of these plans, and we decide to host our incoming friends, giving them housing and places to stay and ended up spending the whole weekend with them.

Such fun needed to be repeated, and Chicago invited San Francisco out for what became WCLX (One) on April 9-11, 1999.

Soon other cities wanted to get in on the action, and in 9/99 Seattle invited out Chicago and San Francisco, and soon everywhere cities were opening their doors to Lindy Hoppers from around the nation and eventually the globe.

What started out as a simple vacation has turned into a worldwide phenomena.

Thanks to all the attendees of the very first Weekend.

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