Tickets will be available at the door, single tickets will be available as well.

486 people have registered so far!

Curious about the music? See our Music Policy for SFLX'09


First 100 Registrations $68
Early Registration (till 7/11) $75
One month prior (till 8/11) $85
Late Registration (till 9/4) $95
Door Price (if available) $105
SFLX'09 Shirt! (till 8/20) (price varies)

Accepted forms of payment:
   At door: Check, Cash, Paypal (if you have a way to send payment)
   PayPal, Credit Cards (processed via PayPal), Check

Edit My Registration:

If you've already registered, you can use the URL you received at the end of registration. If you don't have that URL then we can mail it to you:


Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have a housing deadline of September 4th. It looks like we should be able to house everyone as long as they register by the deadline!

Single Tickets:

Single tickets are purchased for the full day. You can prepurchase them by registering, or else they will be available at the door as limited by supply. So if you want to be sure to come to SFLX, then be sure to register!

Friday Day Pass Two bands, two dances, 9 hours! $40
Saturday Day Pass Three bands, three dances, 13 hours! $50
Sunday Day Pass One band, three dances, 14 hours! $25


It looks like our volunteering positions may be full. If you want to volunteer, then you should register and pay, then contact us to be put on the volunteer waitlist.

Payment Questions:

Q: I want to pay by check!
A: contact the organizers to get the mailing address.

Q: I need to update my registration information!
A: No problem, just start a new registration and we'll figure it out.

Q: I registered earlier but haven't paid yet - how do I finish my registration?
A: If it's paypal, then just send the appropriate amount for the current date to the email address that you would get if you added this domain after "payments09@". If your paypal email address is different then your registration email, please note this in the payment.
Otherwise, contact us for other payments.

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