SFLX Nerf Games Rules

  1. There are two teams who are doing various missions throughout downtown SF
  2. Nerf guns (or other foam based guns) only!
  3. Everyone in the game will have armbands (and nerf guns) (we can supply these)
  4. No shooting of people outside the game!
  5. No using people outside of the game to help you (as cover, for intel, ...)
  6. If security or police tell you to stop or leave, then do so. If you get in trouble, we've never heard of you.
  7. Don't get hit by cars. Don't block traffic. Don't do dangerous things so that the other team can't follow you.
  8. Leave No Trace: Pick up darts after each combat. You'll need them, and we want them back!
  9. If you pickup darts and the other team doesn't, that's your advantage for that mission, but at the end of the mission, make sure everyone has enough darts.
  10. Return guns and darts after you're done playing! They are not yours to keep!
  11. If you get shot, you are done for the mission. Take off your armband and go to the mission end location and wait for the next mission, where you will become alive again!
  12. If two people shoot each other, they are both out.
  13. If you shoot someone and they don't notice, let them know they've been hit. If someone says you have been hit, then gracefully accept this and step out.
  14. If there is a dispute over who has been shot, both players are out.
  15. Ghosts don't talk: If you are dead, then stay out of the way of the game and don't communicate (gesture or verbal) with your team to help them. Sit back and watch and be amused.
  16. If you are leaving the game, please tell your team captain so they aren't waiting for you at the next mission start.
  17. D-bag clause: Don't be a douchebag. It's just a game.