SFL&X Sept 18-21 100%

Why Host?

SFLX has historically been one of the biggest exchanges of all time, and is one of the few exchanges that still brings in a vast number of out-of-towners.

This many people coming to our town means we need more hosts than ever, and some of you may not have discovered the joy of hosting yet.

So, for the sake of example, let's consider "Steve" and "Stu" our pair of hypothetical SF swing dancers. Both Steve and Stu have been dancing for a year or two and are getting pretty good at Lindy, but haven't started travelling and haven't yet discovered the huge family that is the worldwide Lindy Scene.

Steve looks around his apartment and figures he can squeeze in four more people. One on the couch, one on the futon, and maybe two on an air mattress on the floor. Stu on the other hand doesn't think about housing and just decides to go to the event.

On Thursday and Friday, Steve's guests start pouring in. He suddenly makes friends with dancers from Austin, Chicago, Seattle. And when he starts going to the dances, he realizes these travellers are pretty fun, and they actually know bunches of other people at the event. They introduce Steve, and suddenly Steve is part of this community of fantastic dancers across the globe, and Steve spends the whole night meeting with and dancing with some of the best Lindy Hoppers in the world.

Stu shows up and mostly dances with locals, and goes home early.

Steve ends up making good friends with a bunch of the dancers, and decides to travel to a few cities to dance, and is suddenly overjoyed with having places to stay and people to hang out with wherever he goes.

Stu continues just dancing once a week in San Francisco.

Seem a little too simple? It really is that simple. The dance scene extends outside of San Francisco, and it really is a huge family, and we'd love for you to join us!

So please sign up for hosting! Whether it's one person or 35, it'll be great for the event and great for you.