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Cid's poem:

Blues Poem .. 3

moonrise guises
on soul connection tweekers
pulsing primal blues
twos & twos & twos & twos
carve out between them dancefloor collesiums
the smallest great place that can contain them
and their blues

smooth right slides.
of inhibitions tossed to the fireside
by and by we all burn uniquely in blue flames
nocturne relviries for the spiritually-ptrotechnical insane
membrane of lead melds into membrane of follow
on hollow ground these unions cross those
thresh holds of the world we know
Johnny Blue-Appleseed sowers of the new beat generation
its jack keroauc's whose whispers echo in our midnight brain reverberations

"and the beat goes on
and the beat goes on
drums keep poundin rhythym to the brain
and the beat goes on
and the beat goes on"

and thebeatgoes
on and on each song
brings upon
a rhythym of, living
between rhythyms, beats breathing
beat bodies beating
unbound minds in beat-bodies heating
each heart so much
hotter with each touch
so much almost too much
so soft and yet abrupt enough
to disrupt the window panes of the real world
ties us down so insecure
with chains
chains chains chains

"chain chain chain
chain of fools
chain chain chain
chain of fools"

im a prisoner in shackles
and blues bars unbent
once i was free but now self-imprisoned
ever since seattle the decission was made
when i saw mihai dance nicole to "peel me a grape"
ever since then its been
a new clean slate...cept for the grape stains
spendin 50-life peelin my own grapes in my own way
id have to say really since pittsburgh's mezzjelly
kate jackie steve aliza and funky freak family
thrilled my libation with the p.a. blues of the greasy persuasion
and the rooty tooty fresh and fruity sacramento san francisco lindybooty

i was given promises solemn by solomon "ah men"
and ever since then its been the beginning of the end
hip hop trip hop the blues beats wont stop
from the inside of my mind all day all the time
like stlbx put a hex on my mind
blues voo doo style mea while this blues criminal's
rapt sheet could go half a mile, i guess ill
go back to the real world's matrix basement
in a state of anticipating
the future dance that will spawn my next blues awakening.

- cid galicia

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