Mormon  SF Mormon Invasion






The first lindy exchange was a collection of 19 folks from Chicago, visiting San Francisco in the heyday of swing back in 1998.

In 2005, a group of 15 kids from Utah decided to come visit the Bay Area en masse. What we learned from the first exchange needed repeating.

Thanks to Sacramento Cid's connections and friendships made at ULX'04, a crew of fun-loving "Utahsians" dropped into Sacramento. In their quest for the best and most dancing possible, they scoured the Bay Area from Sacramento to San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Much merriment was then had.

Want to register for this exchange? You can't, because it happened before we ever put the web site up. This is somewhat of an ipso-facto exchange, in the sense that we realized that we'd had an exchange after it had already happened. Consider it a chronicling of sorts.

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