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        IM Instant Messaging Sucks
        Interpreted Interpreted Languages
        July Fourth
        Justice Double Standard Hypocrites, all of you!
        MySpace-Sucks MySpace Sucks
        OpenSource Open Source and Free Software
        Privacy Obsolescence The End Of Privacy - Privacy Obsolescence
        Psychic-Powers Occam's Razor and The Case Against Psychic Powers
        Relativism Relativistic Nihilism
        Relativism Relativistic Nihilism
        RyanAir-Sucks RyanAir Sucks - List Of Cheap European Airlines - Never Fly Ryan Air
        Selfish Voter The Selfish Voter
        Sex Free Will Sex and Free Will
        Static vs Dynamic Static vs Dynamic Output
        Technology Church of Technology
        Television Television Sucks
        Tofu Tofu Sponges
        Vote Non-representation
        Web Extravaganza Dave's Web Extravaganza
        Danger danger? Danger is my middle name
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    Section 2 Dave Ljung Madison FAQ
    Section 3 Dave Ljung Madison FAQ
    Section 4 Dave Ljung Madison FAQ
    Section 5 Dave Ljung Madison FAQ
    Section 6 Dave Ljung Madison FAQ
    Section 7 Dave Ljung Madison FAQ
    Short Dave Ljung Madison FAQ


        1985-1989.High School
    Theme Album Album: Theme Album

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    Improv David Jeffrey Ljung Madison - Improv and Acting Resume - San Francisco, California
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