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September 21st - 23rd, 2001





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Give up all hope [of sleep] all ye who enter here...

Here be what happened..


Small group sightseeing tours of SF Bay Area hosted by local dancers (5-20 people per activity). (Optional) More information about tours to follow. Pre-registration required.

SFLX & Move to the Groove Band & DJ Dance

Band: Swingin' All Stars featuring Lady Mem'fis. Last seen backing up Barbara Morrison at the Sacramento All-Stars Camp, the Swingin' All Stars are amazing musicians who really know how to get the whole dance floor moving. Ask anyone who was there about Saturday night... This time they're performing with Lady Mem'fis, a fantastic local blues and swing singer, and we're sure the night will be just as memorable!

DJ: Spencer! A backbone of the SF swing scene, Spencer has been spinning tunes here for just about every venue you can name and was the creator of the now legendary "Spencer's" a modern-day speakeasy that helped to establish swing in SF. Spencer will be playing a selection of swing, salsa, disco, and funk in true Move to the Groove style.

Venue: Cafe Cocomo. We're expanding the typical Cafe Cocomo venue with expanded outdoor dance space to take advantage of the beautiful night weather that SF gets only during September.

Floors: Indoors a nice (fairly slick) dance floor. Outdoors: cement & dance floor.


Afterhours DJ Dance & FrimFram *

DJs: Some of SF's finest. We're going to feature SF DJs throughout this weekend.

Venue: Metronome Ballroom.

Floor: Nice wood dance floor.

What's FrimFram? It's that meal we all grab after dancing, or between late-night dance events. Rather than have you all run around trying to find something, we're just going to have some food -- I mean FrimFram -- provided for y'all at the Metronome.

Sleep (hah!)



Dim sum brunch in SF's famous Chinatown. Both meat-eating and vegetarian dim sum restaurants available (Optional) Sign up available soon.

Outdoor dance and Lindy Olympics** We'll be both dancing and playing (sometimes simultaneously). Signups for events will happen in advance and at the pier.

Venue: Municipal Pier. An amazingly gorgeous setting with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraza, Ghirardelli Square, and Coit Tower. Walking distance from the Cannery and Ghiradelli Square for food. Also: walking distance from the SF Blues Festival for anyone that wants to mix it up. (If you don't feel like paying the entrance fee there, you can sit on the great lawn outside the festival and soak up tunes and rays at the same time. But we didn't tell you that).

Floor: cement.

Dinner and costume change break. Yer on yer own. (Maps and info will be provided).

SFLX Main Band & DJ dance

Bands: Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums and Johnny Nocturne featuring Kim Nalley. You can't believe how lucky we are to have both these bands available on the same night! If you've never heard Kim Nalley, you're in for a treat. As if the quality of Johnny Nocturne's musicians wasn't enough all by itself. And even if you've seen Steve Lucky before, you've never seen them like this! Along with fun, fabulous repertoire for which they're known, they're going to be mixing in music from the Carmen Getit Band -- a more bluesy offshoot of the Rhumba Bums.

DJs: SF DJs will go head to head with others from around the country all night long. None of this "only between bands" stuff. We're letting you sample everything throughout the venue.

Venue: The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Building. A gorgeous landmark building, we're going to have lots of room to dance AND mingle -- because we actually think that you should meet folks during an exchange.

Floor: Nice hardwood. Not very slick when last we checked (not really sticky either).


Afterhours DJ Dance & FrimFram *

Venue: The Metronome Ballroom LOCATION CHANGE!

Floor: Fabulous wood dance floor.

FrimFram* of course provided.

Sleep (you still trying to get some in? really?!)



10am-12:30 pm

FREE! Lindy in the Park

Venue: We'll start dancing outdoors at the Bandshell (built in 1899!) on the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.

DJs: Our own LitP sustainers: Dave Wong & Ken Watanabe

Floor: Concrete.

12:30 - 4 pm

BBQ hosted by the Northern California Lindy Society

Tickets must be purchased in advance and will not available at the park. (We have to know how much food to buy)

Venue: The Fountain in Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse, near the LitP Bandshell.


Jive at Five ExtraSuperPlus Version

Venue: Back to the Metronome where they usually run Jive at Five until 8, but we convinced them to do otherwise.

Floor: Nice wood dance floor.

T Shirt
Another fabulous Jeff Ho design coming your way!


For those doing the extended tour...
we think you should check out the following venues:
(more events may be listed in the future. check back with www.sflindyexchange.com)

Indian Summer with Rob & Diane
Starlight Room w/ Swing Session

Broadway Studios w/ Swing Session, or
Top of the Mark w/ Lavay Smith

9/19 only! Special engagement!

Broadway Studios w/ Swing Session

9:20 Special
9/22-23 (Sat/Sun)
Vintage Clothing Expo
Concourse Exhibition Center (8th & Brannan)
Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, Adm $10
This is an amazing place to find vintage clothes.

*FrimFram (frim-fram) (n.) 1. A mysterious sauce named in a nonsense swing song, Frim Fram Sauce. 2. A meal consumed several hours after dinner and several hours before breakfast (generally after dancing) or as fuel between late-night dance events.

**Lindy Olympics (lnd -lmpks) (n.) 1. The result of an enthusiastic dinner conversation among some over-excited dancers. 2. Not-so-serious competitions between Lindy Cities and/or other group configurations in events that only loosely resemble recognizable games and/or dances. 3. A perfect opportunity to make a perfect fool of oneself and laugh a lot.

Municipal Pier (a.k.a. Muni Pier) is between Fisherman's Wharf and Fort Mason, it's the Aquatic park that makes the curl in the center of this map

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