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September 21st - 23rd, 2001





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Some clothing recommendations and ideas for SFLX

September is generally the nicest weather month in San Francisco, usually warm during the day and cool at night. Think "layers." Bring a sweater or sweatshirt to all daytime outside events, but wear a short-sleeve shirt, tank, or cute dress underneath. At night you probably want to have a jacket and maybe a hat (this is excellent weather for men who want to dress formal vintage!). Friday night we'll be dancing both in- and outside, so wear a layer that you can dance in.

Friday night at Cocomo:
The theme for Move to the Groove is "Rock Around the Clock," so put on a 50s look!

Saturday night at the Regency:
This is the biggest event of the weekend, and the venue is fabulous, so you should be too! Dress vintage, dress mod, just dress up. There won't be a dress code, but sweats are discouraged tonight. We don't get enough chances to show off in this casual town, so break it out on Saturday night!

Friday & Saturday late nights:
We're going until 5 a.m. Don't you want to wear your PJs? We thought so.

Sunday at the Park:
It's a big casual dance on concrete and a bbq. Overalls and tennies are very appropriate.

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