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Friday Tours!

If you're interested in any of the following side trips on Friday, contact the listed guide directly.

Santa Cruz Mountains: Hiking or Wine Tasting or...
I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, about two hours south of San Francisco. My house is a 10 minute walk from a state park with hiking in the redwoods. There is also wine tasting, beaches and other fun things to do near my house. If anyone wants to take a side trip down to Santa Cruz, I'd be happy to play tour guide and can tailor the trip to what folks are interested in.
Larry Colen, cell phone: (831) 818-7729.

North Beach Walking Tour
I've been a resident of North Beach, the Italian section of San Francisco, since 1997.
We'll rendevous at Washington Square Park at about 11, do a walking tour, and then grab lunch at Molinari's. If people are interested, we could trek down to Aquatic Park for the Maritime Museum, or go vintage shopping at Old Vogue. Here's a full description of the tour online.
Guide: Jay Cunanan, cell phone: (415) 307-3935

DJ Shopping Trip
For SFLX 2003, Paul Overton and I are once again planning on leading a DJ shopping trip to a few great local music stores during the day, and it will mostly be in the East Bay. Last time we had a lot of fun, especially chatting over lunch.
: Jesse Miner and Paul Overton. Let them know if you have a car or need a ride.

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