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What's with the superhero theme?
We think you're all super!!! Well, ok. We're also inherently silly people. Don't worry, we won't go (too) overboard during the exchange itself... you're welcome to exploit it or ignore it as much as you like.

"Super-" language definitions:
Mission = your Lindy Exchange Schedule
Command Center = housing
SuperGuest = visiting dancer
SuperHost = local dancer
Daily Disguise Name = your name in real life
Secret Identity = your superhero identity
League of Friends = the group of dancers you want to stay together with you
Registration question: "Do you expect to use your SuperPowers during the night or the day?" = "Will you attend daytime or nighttime events?"
House of Hop = ... hah! we can't reveal the secret location of the House of Hop. Certainly not online!

Do I have to wear a superhero costume to be at the exchange?

Can I wear my superhero costume if I want to?

Who's the evil Tou LeFeate?
Say his name out loud, and then just be glad that you haven't met him yet...

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Looks like a lot of stuff other than dancing... How much dancing will there be?
We've planned 50 hours worth of dancing in 3 days! Yes, we'll be using some venues which are not traditional dance spaces (like a rock climbing gym and a bowling alley), but even there you'll still be getting DJ'd swing music and floor space for dancing.

Why all the non-dancing stuff?
We really like dancing, but we also like the fact that exchanges give us a chance to meet people from all over the country -- and even the world! However, we've found that it's often hard to meet new people at big dances. So we've planned to have side trips, LindyGames, rock climbing, and bowling so that there are many other times and ways for us to meet each other. And we think it'll be goofy!

Can you tell me more about who's playing? and who's DJ'ing?
Sure! Check out our music page!

The schedule is cute, but I'd like a more straightforward schedule...
No problem! You can download an easy-to-read schedule from our site. You'll also be receiving a schedule, event detail pages (with driving directions and other key info) and other stuff in your registration packet when you arrive.

What are the LindyGames?
At SFLX 2001, we had several lindy-inspired games, including the charleston relay, swing flag tag, charleston obstacle course, and a few others I can't remember right now. We also saw the premiere of LindyHoop -- lindy with a hula hoop. A few cities had team names, special shirts, and a lot of team spirit. We've decided to bring back the games for The Incredible!! SFLX!!! and we're hoping that a few more organized teams will show up... (hint, hint)

How do the side trips work?
Individual local SuperHosts will lead trips throughout the Bay Area on Friday. Some are sightseeing tours, some are shopping, some are physical activities. The choice of the side trip is up to the SuperHost. Check out the side trips page if you're interested in either hosting or signing up for a side trip.

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Which airport should I fly into?
Both San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) have easy access to the exchange venues. Unless you're planning on staying with someone in San Jose, we don't recommend flying into and out of that airport. It's too far.

How can I get from the airport to the exchange?
While we do have SuperHosts, we recommend using BART (the subway system) instead of asking for them to pick you up, if at all possible. to make this easier, we've included information about the nearest BART station on every event's detail page (linked off the schedule page).
A door-to-door van (e.g. SuperShuttle, Lorrie's) is also an easy option if you fly into San Francisco on Friday, or Oakland on Saturday. (If arriving before Friday, please check with your SuperHost before taking this option -- you may be on the wrong side of the bay, in which case this would be expensive). To make this option easier, we've included the "neighborhood" name on every event's detail page.

Should I rent a car?
Before deciding if you need to rent a car, check with your SuperHost. We've tried to minimize the need for a car to get from one event to another, but you may need to coordinate cars to get to your local Command Center. You should also be forewarned that San Francisco has notoriously difficult parking...

How can I coordinate a road trip to the exchange?
Head over to SwingTalk. We've set up a discussion board for SFLX for just this sort of thing.

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What's the weather going to be like?
Our nicest, most summery weather is usually in September and early October. However, the temperature always drops when the sun goes down, and there's the ever-present risk of fog. Also, different parts of the Bay Area have different weather (yay microclimates!). Think: "Layers."

Today, 9/21, we had a high of 88 degrees in the city. It's still warm here tonight as I write this. Current forecasts keep the daytime temperatures in the mid- to high-seventies for the exchange.

Is it going to rain?
Maybe. Probably not.

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Do you still need volunteers?
Yes! We need volunteers both before and during the exchange! If you're interested in volunteering, please see our jobs page.

Can I work in exchange for the registration fee?
Yes and no. We do have a limited number of paid work slots available at $6/hour, which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're interested in working, please email Megan. Note: Although you sign up for work, you will still be required to pay the full registration fee.

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Back in November 1998, a few lindy hoppers from Chicago decided to come to San Francisco as a group. They told some other Chicago folks about the trip and they decided to join in. Eventually, about 15 dancers came to SF. We put them up in our homes, took them around the city, threw a barbeque, danced a lot, and generally showed them a good time. In February, DC invited Chicago to "Windy Hops the Capital Weekend." In April of 1999, Chicago folks decided to return the favors and invited their previous hosts to visit and stay with them, making it an "exchange." Maybe 25 SF folks went to Chicago on that trip, along with a few from DC. Third time's the charm, and exchanges became a real part of the lindy scene....

Leave it to Seattle to create the first modern Exchange... They didn't invite just one city, they announced a date and told the entire country to stop by. I think about 100 people were there for that one. From that point on, Exchanges have had a history of inviting everyone, housing them, and dancing and playing on minimal sleep. They happen all over the world, organized by volunteers, with a goal simply of showing other dancers a good time. Check out the calendar at to get a picture of the "Exchange scene."

SFLX currently has people coming not just from all over the U.S., but also from Canada, Japan, France, and Sweden!

Author's note: Now I'm curious to learn about how dancers "back in the day," in the 1930's and 1940's travelled around the country... I expect it was much the same as the early exchange concept...

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Will alcohol be served at the events?
Sweets Ballrom and Serra Bowl will each be running a bar and selling alchohol until 2 a.m. Annunciation Cathedral has several bars within 2-3 blocks.

What's up with housing?
Most people attending SFLX will be staying in people's homes. Housing assignment have been sent out. If you didn't get an assignment and you expected one, email Pat directly.

Any recommendations on hotels?
We've put together a list of hotels. We are not endorsing any of them, we just know that they're some of the most reasonable ones in the area.

...As more questions come in, we'll post the answers here. Come up with some good ones!

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