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Who's playing at SFLX?

Friday night:
Swing Session

Friday Late Night:
After Midnight

Saturday night:
Barbara Morrison & the Swingin' All Stars

All weekend:
The DJs

Barbara Morrison and the All Star Swing Band reunited for the first time since their incredible performance recorded on Live at the 9:20! Together their music is jazz and blues, and all dance. You'll be grinning and grooving, whether dancing or not!

“A joy! At Carnegie Hall, Barbara Morrison delivered one song a la Esther Phillips and another with Ella Fitzgerald’s blithe scat singing.” -New York Times

“She can be as playful as Ella, as thoughtful as Sarah, as naughty as Etta… Barbara Morrison… has gained a national following with her big personality and delicious sense of swing.” -L.A. Times

Hear samples from Live at the 9:20!:
Hit the Road Jack
Never Make Your Move Too Soon

Saturday, 10/4. 8 pm-6 am, Band 9-1.
Sweets Ballroom, Oakland

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The Swing Session's jump blues will raise the roof! This 6 piece combo has been a rockin' backbone of the SF swing scene, keeping jitterbugs and lindy hoppers out on the floor for years!

"This bay area band not only has its 40's fashion down cold, but delivers some jumpin', hard shufflin' blues imbued swing sounds in the tradition of such period favorites as Louis Jordan and the Tympani Five, Joe Liggins and the Honeydrippers, and Roy Milton and the Solider Senders." - East Bay Express

"The Swing Session is one of, if not, the best band release I've had the pleasure of airing. This freakin' CD kicks so much $*@ I was laughing. Literally! A real smoker. Heaven sent. The scene sorely needs more bands like this that are right down the pipe." - KAAT 103.1

Hear samples from "Whispering Grass":
5 months, 2 weeks, 2 days
That Night

Friday, 10/3. 8pm-Midnight
Annunciation Hall, San Francisco

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They rocked the Fulton Fun House at Valentine's Booty... Now After Midnight will keep everyone bluesin', bouncin', and grindin' until the wee-hours. The band is led by Jim Setterholm, who's been fillling the blues clubs in his hometown of Laguna Beach, California for years. After midnight also features veterans of Lindy Booty parties past, including tenor sax player/dancer Greg Brubaker. This combo will infuse yuse wit da blues.

Friday late night, 12:30am-5:30am
Metronome Ballroom, San Francisco

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The DJs!!

We have a wonderful line-up of DJs for you at SFLX 2003. The Bay Area has so many talented DJs, so we're going to be focusing on them throughout the weekend. Along with the slew of locals will be a few visiting DJs sharing their flavors with us as well. Below are the descriptions of what you can expect from the DJs at the exchange. Note: the schedule may change, so check back here for updates.

Belinda Ricklefs Belinda Ricklefs, Oakland, CA
- Saturday Afternoon (Frank Ogawa Plaza)
I'm into mixing it up, both in tempo and style, always checking in with what the dancers are grooving on that night. I'm partial to Basie, and my collection includes a lot of local groups, Bay Area and elsewhere. Then I throw in blues, boogie, R&B, Rock 'n Roll... Hey, a big band, why not? Maybe even a smokin' cha-cha. If it swings, rocks or grooves, it's in the mix.

Chad Kubo Chad Kubo, San Francisco, CA
- Sunday Evening (The Doghouse)

Cianna Stewart Cianna Stewart, San Francisco, CA
- Friday Late-Night (Blues Room, Metronome)
I love blues, particularly the sounds of deep Chicago and Delta blues. To me, blues is not only a grind (although I do like it to get steamy somtimes...). When I'm DJing, I like to mix slow to mid-tempo driving tunes from artists like Koko Taylor, B.B. King, Buddy Guy and T-Bone Walker that'll makes the whole room wanna dance.

Collin Fok Collin Fok, San Francisco, CA
- Sunday Morning/Afternoon (Lindy in the Park)

Damon Stone Damon Stone, Sacramento, CA
- Friday Late-Night (Main Room, Metronome)
I love playing swingin' music for lindy hoppers. I play swing dance music from the 20's to today, everything from Hot Jazz to Swing, Mainstream to Soul Jazz, favoring musicians like Henderson, Armstrong, Ellington, Basie, and Mance.

Dave Wong Dave Wong, San Francisco, CA
- Sunday Morning/Afternoon (Lindy in the Park)
I discovered the world of swing dancing in May 1998, and it was just a few scant months before I found myself co-DJ'ing Lindy in the Park. Since that time, I've also guest DJ'ed at various local dance venues, as well as numerous weddings/parties. My musical style is one of great variety, from big band to "groove", as well as the occasional latin tune or some other "fun" piece.

Iain McBride Iain McBride, Vancouver, BC, Canada
- Friday Late-Night (Main Room, Metronome)
This Canadian takes his swing hard with a side of groove and a splash of funk. You'll get a taste of The Count, The Duke, Gene Harris and the other Two Sounds, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Les McCann, Bud Powell, and Ray Charles. With special appearances by folks from the prime Motown era, Bjork, Kid Koala, and Artie Shaw to keep things spicy. All your swing are belong to us. Somebody set up us the groove!

Jeremy Lewis Jeremy Lewis, San Francisco, CA
- Saturday Late-Night (Sweets Ballroom)
To quote a favorite movie, I guess I like to think of myself as a professional appreciator of music. I'm a sucker for a hard swinging trio and anything that makes me move. I like swing music with the same energy as the best motown, and I like motown that swings. Basically, I try and play music with ass.

Jesse Miner Jesse Miner, San Francisco, CA
- Friday Late-Night (Blues Room, Metronome)
- Saturday Evening/Late-Night (Sweets Ballroom)
- Sunday Evening (Upstairs, The Doghouse)
Whether I am DJing late-night or at the main dance, I read the crowd and play accordingly, providing the perfect recipe for a memorable evening. Mixing fast and slow, mellow and energetic, always swinging, always right in the groove, keeping the dancers moving to the very end. You can count on hearing plenty of Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

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Joel Tornatore Joel Tornatore, San Francisco, CA
- Sunday Evening (Upstairs, The Doghouse)
I have been the house DJ at San Franciso's Cat's Corner since it opened in April 2001 and was recently dubbed "Apple Mac Daddy" by the dancers there. My long sets of swing range in energy and style, with a thoughtful emphasis on music from the Big Band Era and occasional departures into Jump Blues and R&B.

Ken Watanabe Ken Watanabe, San Francisco, CA
- Sunday Morning/Afternoon (Lindy in the Park)
I'm a co-founder of San Francisco's Lindy in the Park, and I've been DJ'ing there regularly since 1996. I enjoy playing a wide variety of swing music, from early recordings of traditional jazz to contemporary interpretations of jazz standards, from small groups to big bands, from hot jazz to blues and boogie woogie, and with an occasional rock'n'roll, retro-swing, or novelty number thrown in for fun.

Kristin Buxton Kristin Buxton, Portland, OR
- Friday Evening (Annunciation Hall)
When I DJ, I don't decide ahead of time what I'm going to play. Instead, I figure out what I'd want to dance to next if I was out in the crowd. I try to play a wide variety of artists, though slowish to mid-tempo songs tend to predominate. Some of my favorites include Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Lily Wilde, Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham and Ruth Brown.

Linda Maxwell Linda Maxwell, Santa Cruz, CA
- Saturday Afternoon (Frank Ogawa Plaza)
I'll be playing an eclectic mix of swinging music to inspire your dancing, from the great big bands to jazz trios to jive vocals to blues. I have a real love for female vocalists and enjoy playing new versions of familiar songs.

Naomi Walenta Naomi Walenta, San Francisco, CA
- Sunday Morning/Afternoon (Lindy in the Park)

Rayned Wiles Rayned Wiles, Washington, DC
- Friday Late-Night (Main Room, Metronome)
- Sunday Evening (Downstairs, The Doghouse)
I think the point of djing is to ensure that everyone is having a great time through music. My music of choice is swing jazz blues. I like Fats Waller's view that swing is "two-thirds rhythm and one-third soul." And Carmen McRae's reminder that "Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread-without it, it's flat."

Rich Wons Rich Wons, San Francisco, CA
- Sunday Evening (Upstairs, The Doghouse)
I am always sure to include the different styles of "swing" whenever I spin, from classic big band, to blues, to piano jazz, to jump blues, to modern bands, to classic small groups, making sure a variety of tempos and vocals and instrumentals are evenly distributed. My DJing will vary from venue to venue, but I will base it off the simple plan of not forgetting where swing came from and playing for the dancers. My favorite artist is Count Basie and he has started off every one of my sets since 1999.

Scott Kaufman Scott Kaufman, Davis, CA
- Saturday Afternoon (Frank Ogawa Plaza)
In the DJ Booth I'm always ready to stir the pot with an eclectic mix of music. From Count Basie to Gene Harris I try to play a wide range of music to keep the crowd on their toes...err balls of their feet.

Sharon Ashe Sharon Ashe, Oakland, CA
- Saturday Late-Night (Sweets Ballroom)
- Sunday Evening (Downstairs, The Doghouse)
I play a variety of Swing music but am known for playing a relaxed and jazzy groove. I'll play classics like Armstrong and Basie, and mix in bluesier tunes such as Witherspoon and Williams, then spice it with some funky Cha Cha and motown. One of my current favorite songs is Sam Cooke's version of Shake Rattle and Roll.

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