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Like the famed fingers of fog creeping between the San Francisco hills they began to collect on THURSDAY...
When the clock struck nine-thirty at night, they completed their solo missions, supplied a mere $6! and gathered at the Russian Center for the 9:20 Special! They grooved! DJ Sharon spun!
...knowing that was their last night of sleep for many days, they rose on FRIDAY and set out for their first official day of the games in San Francisco...
Daylight revealed numerous sidetrips! Shazam!

At two o'clock an amazing assembly at Mission Cliffs Rock Climbing Gym, where gravity was meaningless! Meanwhile, fierce dancing non-climbers threw tremendous tuck turns!

A great force hurtled them from the gym to Dave's Party House at five o'clock! Pow! The simple Victorian transformed into a wild  welcome party!

Their numbers swelled at eight o'clock to hear the sensational sounds of The Swing Session! Not a soul expected that the Annunciation Cathedral could have parking for carpools! Incredible!

Nothing could bar their way as they slid through the night to the Metronome Ballroom! A luscious blues room, swinging main room, and a cornucopia of frim fram kept them spinning from midnight to five-thirty in the early dawn!
...after the briefest of rests to refuel, they once again embarked for a SATURDAY filled with untold adventures in Oakland...

Dim sum dreams led many to greet the morning with a sidetrip in Chinatown!

Teams of leaping lindy hoppers drew together at Frank Ogawa Plaza at one o'clock and unveiled their colors at the LindyGames! Spectators had never before witnessed a charleston relay! Lindy Hoop mystified onlookers while DJs from around the country spun for 5 hours!

After a brief break, they raced up Broadway to Sweet's Ballroom! Euphoric dancing to the mellifluous tones of Barbara Morrison and the Swingin' All-Stars awaited them from eight until one in the morning! Without cease, they maintained an enduring rhythm with DJs until 6 a.m.!
Note changes to Sweets Ballroom event!!! This evening is over 18 only! Pre-sale tickets only; no tickets sold at the door. You must arrive by 1 a.m. to be allowed in!

...sleep? This was not for them! As Helios drove the golden orb above the horizon on Sunday, their journey brought them not to bed, but to San Francisco where their tale continued...
Sunlight revealed constant motion at Lindy in the Park! DJs Dave and Ken sustained monumental momentum from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon!

Once again they took flight! Their feverish Lindy continued apace at Doghouse Sunday from seven to midnight!

Was this an unending day? Yes! Serra Bowl was their next target! They danced from midnight onwards! They sang karaoke! They bowled until dawn's rays shone brightly at seven! Kabam!
...MONDAY morning... many returned to their own command centers, filled to overflowing with memories and caffeine... And yet a few remained! For them the week held the promise of Connection! Rhythm! Song! They pondered the regular choices awaiting them for the rest of the week...
Cat's Corner in San Francisco.
Tuesday Night Jump! in San Francisco.
Swing Central in Redwood City.
Alberto's in Mountain View.
9:20 Special in San Francisco.
Top of the Mark in San Francisco.
Metronome Block Party in San Francisco.
Rhythm in Oakland.
Doghouse in San Francisco.
Lindy in the Park in San Francisco
Jive at Five in San Francisco
...the weekend presented Boogie By The Bay... Could they sustain their mad energetic pace? Only time would tell...

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