Tour Guides needed!

Get to know people and show off the Bay Area by leading a small group of visiting dancers (locals welcome too!) on a tour of your choice on Friday, October 3. These were quite a hit at SFLX '03, and I think we can make them all the more fab this time! Create a tour around something that you love to do and want to show off, or something that's unique and interesting about the bay area. Some suggested tours: hiking in muir woods, kayak across the bay, tour alcatraz or angel island, go vintage shopping, bike across the golden gate bridge... or whatever else you want to do!

Tell us about the tour you want to lead by completing the form below.

If you don't have a particular tour in mind but are willing to help on another, oversubscribed, tour, send Cianna an email.

Host a Tour!

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About how many hours do you expect to spend on this tour, including transportation time?

You'll be put into contact directly with guests who sign up for your tour so you can arrange details such as what time you'll leave, where your group will assemble, lunch arrangements, etc.

When you hit the button below, an email will be sent to SFLX. You won't get a confirmation screen, but don't panic. If you don't hear from us in 2-3 days, then email Cianna at

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