All venues are located in San Francisco.

The Russian Center

2450 Sutter Street
Evening Dances

This beautiful 1911 Art-Deco building is a staple of the San Francisco dance scene, originally host to Rob & Diane's Wednesday Night Jump and now home to the 9:20 Special for many years.

The Metronome

1830 17th St
Friday/Saturday Late Night

The Metronome has been through many iterations and was once the regular location for Saturday dancing in San Francisco and was the original home for infamous SF teachers Paul and Sharon. The Metronome has happily reopened recently as the Metronome Dance Collective and we're happy to have it back.

Hines Solarium

55 Second St
Sunday Late Night

Our regular SFLX Sunday late night joint is this fanciful ballroom in the middle of downtown San Francisco

West Fort Miley

2000 El Camino Del Mar, SF
Saturday Afternoon

West Fort Miley is a secluded and interesting park with a grassy area and a great view of the ocean as well as a concrete pad that is part of three old gun emplacements. It's not far from Ocean Beach, the Cliff House and Sutro Baths, three well known San Francisco establishments that are worth visiting.

There is a parking lot just West of the park along a footpath, as well as the parking at Land's End Lookout which overlooks Sutro Baths. To find the parking lot on Google Maps, you can search for 2000 El Camino Del Mar, SF or just search for USS San Francisco Memorial which is in the parking lot. You can also take 48th Ave North, it turns into El Camino Del Mar which ends at the parking lot.

Lindy In The Park

John F Kennedy Drive between 8th & 9th Ave
Sunday Afternoon

The world renowned Lindy in the Park has been packed strong with dancers every Sunday for 16 years. We'll make this one of the best LitPs yet!
Note that you can't drive in the park on Sundays, so take Fulton or Lincoln St.