Lindy Nerf Games

Ladies and gentlemen, as a return to the social fun gaming times that we used to see for daytime events at Lindy Exchanges 1, we have decided to bring you the San Francisco Lindy Nerf Games!

Figure 3.2: The original Life magazine cover
We will provide the Nerf guns and ammo, but you are welcome to bring your own as long as they are foam based! We will be meeting at 2pm at The Fort near downtown San Francisco. You don't want to be late! There are a variety of guns and the best ones will go first! We also have about 50 guns, which should be more than enough, but if you are late and we are out of guns, you'll need to grab a cheap $5 gun from the nearby Target. If you *must* show up late, then there will be people stationed at the Fort to bring you into the thick of things mid-game.

We will go over the rules and distribute guns at the Fort, but the basic gist is that we will have two teams who will be doing missions around downtown San Francisco. If you are shot then you are "dead" only for the rest of that mission, so you'll get back into play as soon as the next mission starts. Some missions will involve dancing, some will not, all will be fun!

Come and play with us!

1 Ref: SEALX'99, ALX Scavenger Hunt, SLOLX Lindy Games, etc..