San Francisco Lindy Exchange
September 12-14, 2008


We have some incredible venues and bands lined up for an amazing weekend!

The 9:20 Special is San Francisco's premier Lindy Hop weekly event. The Tenth Anniversary of the venue coincides with the exchange, so they'll be having a big party. We highly recommend coming in a day early to check out this world class Lindy Hop destination.

Thursday, September 11th
9:20pm - 12:15am 9:20 Special Tenth Anniversary!
(Not included, but highly recommended!)
Friday, September 12th
8pm - 12am
(band at 9pm)
Barbara Morrison
Sutter Room @ the Regency
12am - 5am Sutter Room @ the Regency
Saturday, September 13th
1pm - 5pm Justin Herman Plaza
(Dance sponsored by SF Bal Fest)
8pm - 12am
(band at 9pm)
Fil Lorenz w/
Connie Champagne

Grand Ballroom @ the Regency
12am - 5am Dave Workman w/
John Broadway Tucker

Sutter Room @ the Regency
Sunday, September 14th
11am - 3pm   Lindy In The Park
8pm - 12am
(band at 9pm)
Jelly Roll Souls
12am - 5am Hines Solarium
Monday, September 15th
9-11p Julie's Supper Club For those of you still around on Monday, come meet us at the Supper Club! (Free for exchangers!)


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