San Francisco Lindy Exchange
September 12-14, 2008


There are endless numbers of people helping make this happen, but here are some of the reasonably important folks: (More coming soon!)

Ben Nathan - Organizer

Once just a nobody, now he's a nobody who's organizing SFLX!
"Punch and Pie for All!"

David Ljung Madison
- Advisor, Venues, Website, Registration,
Dave was involved with SFLX'98, SFLX'01 and SFLX'03.
On top of that, he has four (true!) claims to fame:
1) He's been going to Lindy Exchanges longer than anyone.
2) He's been to more Lindy Exchanges than anyone.
3) He's hosted more Lindy Hoppers than anyone.
4) He wears really big pants.

Hep Jen - Advisor, DJs
After moving to SF from Seattle, Hep Jen quickly integrated herself into the scene as a DJ and teacher. She also brings together the group lesson at the world renowned San Francisco Lindy In The Park every Sunday.

Susan Bertuleit - Housing Co-ordinator

Susan is a housing goddess. We love her. Without her we could not survive.

Burnie Gipson - Venues, 501c3 Genius
Burnie is the organizer of the SF Bal Fest and a respected long-time member of the SF Swing scene

Kermit Goodman - Advisor, Group Buy-In

If you don't know Kermit, then you're not a travelling Lindy Hopper. He hails from St Louis, but also San Diego, and now San Francisco. He's a traveller, a host, and an expert at bringing people together.

Kent Soule - Advisor

Kent is an old-school SF dancer who still travels. That alone should win him a prize.

Nathan Dias - Advisor
Nate is a rock solid piece of the SF swing scene. He also organizes and teaches at Cat's Corner on Wednesdays

Drew Fansler - Graphics Genius

A native Chicagoan, Drew has traveled and lived all over the country during his 10 years in the Lindy Hop community. In that time, he's lent his keen graphics sense to many events. If you've heard of Lindy U., Black & Tan Fantasy, Midwest Lindyfest, Music City Mini Camp, Rhythmic Arts Festival, or Showdown, that's Drew earning his...well, sometimes they let him in for free.

Beth Flynn - Do Everything Girl

The rest of us don't actually do any work, we just give it all to Beth.

Rachel Allyn-Crane - Committee Member, Button Master

Never understimate the subliminal power of the button.

Alexis Braren - Committee Member

A fantastic member of our fantastic committee

Haley Mo Smith - Travelling Advisor

Haley has been dancing in San Francisco for almost a decade and has been travelling heavily on the exchange circuit for the last few years.


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