San Francisco Lindy Exchange
September 12-14, 2008

Lindy DJ Schedule

Friday Evening and Late Night (Regency - Sutter Room)
8pm-12am        Manu Smith (band breaks)
12-1am          Michael Terkowski
1-2am           David Jacoby
2-3am           Nathan Dias
3-4am           Roy Rydbeck
4-5am           Jeff Yih


Saturday Afternoon (Justin Herman Plaza)

1-1:30pm        Hep Jen
1:30-3pm        Tanoa Stewart
3-4pm           Jeff Yih
4-5pm           Jeremy Lewis


Saturday Evening and Late Night (Regency - Grand Ballroom and Sutter Room)

8pm-12am        Jesse Miner (band breaks)
12am-1am        Jeff Kroll
1am-2am         Rayned Wiles
2am-3:15am      Hep Jen
3:15am-4:15am   David Jacoby
4:15am-5:15am   Michael Terkowski


Sunday Mid-day (Lindy in the Park)

11am-3pm        Ken Watanabe and Naomi Walenta


Sunday Evening (City College of San Francisco)

8pm-12am        Roy Rydbeck (band breaks)

Blues Room DJ Schedule

Friday Late Night (Regency - Sutter Annex)

1am-2am         Roy Rydbeck
2am-3am         Rayned Wiles
3am-4am         Steven Watkins
4am-5am         Patrick Warren


Saturday Late Night (Regency - Sutter Annex)

1am-2am         Linda Maxwell
2am-3:15am      (The Dave Workman Band)
3:15am-4:15am   Patrick Warren
4:15am-5:15am   Steven Watkins

Lindy/Blues DJ Schedule

Sunday Late Night (Hines Solarium - Lindy and Blues in a single room)

12am-1:30am     Jeremy Lewis
1:30am-3:00am   Rayned Wiles/Steven Watkins
3:00am-4:30am   Patrick Warren/Steven Watkins
4:30am-Close    TBA

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