San Francisco Lindy Exchange
September 12-14, 2008
This year is the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Lindy Exchange, which happened in San Francisco in 1998

The cultural phenomenon known as a "Lindy Exchange" began with 19 Chicagoans visited San Francisco and got much more than they bargained for.

We'd like to honor these unwitting dance pioneers, and so we are giving all of them free admission to SFLX'08. We are in the process of tracking them down now, please see our "find people" if you think you can help.

The Chicago 19:

Anna-Marie Panlilio Colette Delcasa Corey Blodgett
Gimi Ramos Helena (Shiels) Laven Jody
Julie Solomon Karen Cats Kevin Poulsen
Kristen Crane Margot McGraw Mary Hamilton
Nicolle Wood Peter BetBasoo Ray Lavko
Riley Wimes Young-Jin Kim Scott Grey (R.I.P.)

Less easy to figure out is the list of SF participants. We didn't exactly have websites and registration back then. To simplify things we are going to be inviting anyone who was at more than two of the dances and/or hosted any of the dancers during that fateful weekend.

This list is difficult to discern, so this will definitely grow over time - please let us know if you were one of these people or know someone who was!

An initial list of SF attendees

Chad Kubo Ken Watanabe Erik Hamilton
Marc D'Olimpio Arthur Abad James Wang
Gina Henrickson David Madison Michael Lin
Jen Balderama Cianna Stewart Susanne Goldstein
Victor De Leon Jeanine Walters Virginie Jensen

We know there are more, but we don't know who, so please help us find them!


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