San Francisco Lindy Exchange
September 12-14, 2008
SFLX has never been 'just any exchange.'

And this year, as the ten year anniversary, we're planning on bringing out some of the old-school dancers from years past. We're planning on connecting the old with the new, and having a massive party at the same time.

So please contact us if you can help us find any of these people. Email addresses will not be shared or sold.

From the original Chicago 19:

  • Jody
  • Kristen Crane

The original SF attendees:

  • Gina Henrikson
  • Victor De Leon

Past Dancers:

We're also looking for any dancers (particularly those in SF or from SF, or those who used to travel alot) who don't really dance anymore. Anyone who was dancing regularly 5 or 10 years ago is a good bet, please either send us their contact info or point them to our website and have them contact us! If we can help convince them to come back out, then let us know.

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